Did You Know About These Side Effects Of Drinking Too Much Of Green Tea?

Green Tea has been known for its health benefits for years, but this healthful beverage also comes with side effects.

Green tea is considered to be the best drink for our health, and is extremely popular because of its medicinal properties. Green tea is made from unoxidized leaves and contains most antioxidants of any tea as they are less processed.

The presence of natural chemicals called polyphenols makes anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic. It also contains a host of micronutrients such as manganese and zinc and vitamins A, B, and C.

There is no denying that green tea is extremely good for our health but health experts suggest that heavy green tea drinkers can have side-effects.

According to Ms. Preety Tyagi, Lead Health Coach and Founder of MY22BMI, an excessive amount of green tea will do more harm than good.

“So many people around the world drink green tea every day to lose weight around their waistline. Green Tea has been known for its health benefits for years, but this healthful beverage also comes with side effects. Like we always say, an overdose of any food can be harmful. Same stands for Green Tea too.,” Ms. Tyagi said.

Side Effects Of Drinking Too Much Of Green Tea

Caffeine Overdose

Although green tea is considered healthier caffeine than a regular coffee, an overdose of green tea can still lead to caffeine overdose, resulting in health problems related to it. Overdose of green tea can lead to your energy levels going up, down, haywire, and lead to ill health and can even affect your heart health. It can also cause headaches, sleep disorders, irritability, anxiety, etc.

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The most common side effect of overconsumption of caffeine is Acidity. Excessive green tea can cause acidity and acid reflux which can upset the stomach. This is because an excessive amount of caffeine present in green tea may result in bloating and acidity in the stomach. Some people have better tolerance for this, whereas some have a lot less.

Can Cause Dehydration

You may have often noticed that after drinking green tea, makes you urinate much more and quite often. This is because green tea is a natural diuretic and can cause the body to lose water, which, in extreme cases of overdose, can lead to dehydration.

Mineral Deficiency

Green tea has compounds that can bind minerals like iron, reducing their absorption in the blood and hence, leading to a deficiency. However, this effect of green tea can be reduced by squeezing just a bit of lemon in your cup of green tea.


People, who are on some kind of medication, such as blood thinners, or any other drug, must go easy on caffeine intake and green tea as it may lead blood pressure and stroke in some cases.

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