Emcure Launches Emwocal Campaign To Raise Awareness On Anaemia, Breastfeeding And Menstruation In Association With FOGSI

The initiative will be live at 8000 clinics across India and aims to reach 1 crore women in 9 languages

Empowering Women’s Health: EmWocal Initiative Addresses Anaemia, Breastfeeding, and Menstruation

Revolutionizing Awareness with Innovative Technology

In a groundbreaking endeavor to promote women’s well-being, Emcure Pharmaceuticals has launched the EmWocal initiative, a pioneering campaign addressing vital health concerns.

A Digital Approach to Anaemia Awareness

India’s prevalent issue of anaemia finds a digital solution as EmWocal’s multi-lingual platform educates and empowers women to combat this health challenge.

Breastfeeding’s Dual Benefits for Mother and Child

EmWocal takes a holistic approach by spotlighting breastfeeding’s positive impact on both infant and maternal health, bridging knowledge gaps.

Dismantling Taboos: Embracing Menstrual Health

EmWocal boldly tackles menstrual misconceptions, striving to transform societal perceptions and normalize conversations surrounding menstruation.

Leadership and Commitment: Driving Positive Change

Emcure Pharmaceuticals’ leadership, including Ms. Namita Thapar, ignites a movement toward informed health decisions and open dialogues.

Unveiling Truths: Indian Women’s Health Report 2021

A comprehensive report commissioned by Emcure Pharmaceuticals exposes societal taboos and empowers women to challenge stereotypes.

EmWocal Movement: Empowering Women Through Knowledge

Saurabh Gambhir spearheads the EmWocal movement, providing women with accurate information and promoting self-prioritization for better health.

In a groundbreaking endeavor, Emcure Pharmaceuticals launches the EmWocal initiative, revolutionizing women’s health awareness. Anaemia, breastfeeding, and menstruation take center stage in this technology-driven campaign. Women are empowered to take charge of their health through informed conversations, tackling taboos, and dispelling myths. EmWocal leverages innovative smart kiosks and augmented reality to educate and engage patients during waiting times. By providing access to accurate information and fostering dialogue, EmWocal aims to transform the landscape of women’s health in India. This initiative aligns with Emcure Pharmaceuticals’ commitment to prioritize women’s health and promote societal change. EmWocal: Empowering Women for a Healthier Future

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