Living With Prostate Cancer – Take These Steps To Manage The Condition

According to the National Cancer Registry Program in India, prostate cancer is the 3rd leading cancer in men and accounts for 7 percent of all cancers

Cancer screening at an early stage can prevent the patient from serious disease

Dr. Priyank Salecha, Consultant Urologist, Apollo Spectra Hospital, Kondapur Hyderabad

According to the National Cancer Registry Program in India, prostate cancer is the 3rd leading cancer in men and accounts for 7 per cent of all cancers.

The prostate is a small gland located close to the bottom of the bladder. It is around the size of a walnut and grows larger as men age. The prostate encircles the initial section of the tube that transports urine from the bladder to the urethra. A delay in diagnosis typically occurs due to a lack of awareness, and regular prostate checkups, causing complications in treatment.

Prostatectomy is a procedure that involves complete removal of the prostate to cure cancer and is often performed as part of a treatment plan. Depending on the advancement of the disease, the surgery is paired with a few rounds of chemotherapy and radiation for a few patients.

If diagnosed early, prostate cancer is easily curable but in cases where cancer has progressed to an advanced stage, one may have to live with cancer while treatment can ease the discomfort and pain.

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How To Manage Prostate Cancer

Below are few lifestyle changes one may need to adapt while battling prostate cancer:

Easing Stress – Suffering from a disease like cancer and undergoing treatment can be physically as well as mentally exhausting. Create a routine that includes a healthy sleeping and eating cycle along with a few minutes of meditation or yoga to ease the stress

Pain Chart – Create a pain chart to document the amount of pain experienced each day and at different times. This exercise will help in understanding how well the body is responding to the medication and will result in a better treatment plan.

Healthy Diet –  Include berries, greens, whole grains, nuts, and seeds in the daily diet to boost immunity. Consult a certified nutritionist to create a diet plan to add the required amount of calories to daily intake. Cancer can cause substantial weight loss and fatigue; hence a diet plan will act as a guide to follow.

Exercise – Add a bit of exercise to the daily routine while adjusting to the response of the body. It is crucial to start slow and respect the stamina of the body as the recovery process can cause fatigue.

Erectile Dysfunction – While prostate cancer in itself does not cause erectile dysfunction the treatment related to it may give rise to such problems. Avoid taking any self-medication and consult the doctor for advice on the next steps.

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Final Thought

Living with cancer can be stressful and can make one give up their willingness to live a full life. The treatment plans work more effectively with the patient’s will to recover hence it is imperative to stay positive and adapt to the changes the body goes through. It is also crucial for the friends and family around the patient to provide necessary mental and physical support as a battle against prostate cancer affects the patient’s mental health too.

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