India Health Link’s Health ATM: A Breakthrough in Heart Health

For the early diagnosis of heart health risk factors

India Health Link's Health ATM: A Breakthrough in Heart Health
India Health Link's Health ATM: A Breakthrough in Heart Health

Rising Incidence of Heart Failure Sparks Innovation

Amidst the escalating cases of heart failure in India, India Health Link (IHL) has introduced a groundbreaking Health ATM screening for the early detection of heart health risk factors. This innovative solution aims to transform preventive heart care by providing a swift and comprehensive assessment of heart health.

A Digital-Physical Ecosystem: India Health Link’s Preventive Heart Care

The IHL Fitness Station/Health Kiosk/Health ATM represents a unique PHYGITAL (Physical+Digital) ecosystem that seamlessly integrates primary, preventive, and predictive healthcare. This non-invasive health screening station connects the physical world with digital technology, enhancing access to essential health assessments.

Efficiency and Satisfaction: Over 50 Doctors Test 22 Vital Parameters in Minutes

During the launch, more than 50 doctors underwent testing for 22 vital parameters in less than five minutes using the Health ATM. The system’s efficiency and ability to provide instant test reports garnered appreciation from the medical community. These vital parameters include blood pressure, temperature, body mass composition, pulse, SPO2, and ECG.

Preventive Heart Care: A Promising Approach

Dr. Satyender Goel, Founder & CEO of India Health Link, emphasizes the significance of preventive heart care. The Health ATM, resembling a self-service ATM-sized health station, empowers individuals to assess their heart health without the need for paramedic assistance. It screens key parameters known to contribute to heart failure and heart attacks.

Expert Opinions: The Crucial Role of Timely Intervention in Heart Failure

Medical experts at the IMA NDB National Heart Failure Conclave-2022 highlighted the potential of ARNI (Angiotensin Receptor-Neprilysin Inhibitor) therapy in reducing heart failure hospitalizations and severity. Timely intervention with ARNI and SGLT2i (Sodium-Glucose Cotransporter 2 Inhibitors) was deemed essential in managing heart failure effectively.

A Promising Future for Heart Health

The conclave, attended by over 200 prominent doctors and cardiologists from Delhi/NCR, discussed various aspects of preventive heart care. It emphasized the importance of controlling hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, CKD, obesity, and atrial fibrillation to reduce heart failure-associated morbidity and mortality.

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