Mangoes Are Here Before Season! Should You Eat Them? All You Need To Know

Soak mangoes in water for at least 30 minutes before consuming them. It will help reduce the phytic acid content of it.

mango health benefits
Avoid eating mangoes along with your major meals.

Mango Health Benefits: Mangoes have started to arrive in markets and this delight for people who love this fruit. According to reports, the fruit is available at least one month early in the market, compared to last year. Some reports claimed that this is for the first time that mangoes in such a large quantity have arrived early. But the important question is that should you eat them? We are going to tell you about it and many more things in this article.

Mangoes are now available in the market? Should you eat them or not?

Many people have doubts like this when they see fruits much ahead of their scheduled time. Shreya Shah, a consulting nutritionist and a clinical dietitian, has a very easy answer to this.

“Whenever you have such a question regarding any food, ask yourself this question…is it natural food? Is it nutrient dense? If your answer is YES to both questions, it’s absolutely okay to eat!!” Shah said in a recent tweet.

Why should you eat mangoes?

There are around 100 types of mangoes and they all have their own characteristic taste, shape, size, and colour. Many studies have shown that mangoes have several health benefits, such as improved immunity and digestive health. Here are some health benefits suggested by Shah.

  • Mangoes are rich in carotene and vitamin C and therefore clear skin and give a flawless complexion.
  • They are rich in fibre (high amount of soluble fibre- pectin) and therefore lowers cholesterol and help in digestion.
  • The ‘king of fruits’ is rich in antioxidants. Also, Mangifera present in mangoes impacts in making insulin resistance better.

Here are certain things to keep in mind while consuming mangoes

According to Shah, there are certain things that mango lovers should keep in mind while consuming fruit.

Quantity: In order to keep the quantity in check, it is better to take one mango, cut it and eat it.

Mid-meal snack: Preferably eat it as your mid-meal snack, or as a pre-exercise meal rather than with lunch/dinner.

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Natural Form: Like any fruit, it’s best if eaten in its natural form. If you make smoothies, shakes, or cakes – obviously there’s milk, sugar and other additives, which makes it calorie-dense.

Eat separately: Avoid eating mangoes along with your major meals, it’s best to consume them as a separate meal for better absorption and reducing the carbohydrates overload of the major meals

Soaking: Soak mangoes in water for at least 30 minutes before consuming them. It will help reduce the phytic acid content of it.

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