Nova Benefits Rolls Out The Mental Wellness Plan To Provide Free Therapy, Pet Care Leaves And More To Its Employees

The Mental Wellness Plan by Nova Benefits provides unlimited leaves, counselling through partnership with Manah Wellness. Additionally, employees are provided with child and pet care leaves.Team Nova’s employee NPS score is at a whopping 70 due to constant updation of their wellness plan

The pandemic is not only a serious medical concern but also brings mixed emotions and psycho-social stress for all.
The pandemic is not only a serious medical concern but also brings mixed emotions and psycho-social stress for all.

Nova Benefits, an employee wellness platform centred on corporate health insurance, announced the roll-out of The Mental Wellness Plan for all employees of the company. Going beyond physical health and wellness, the company has taken this initiative to ensure the mental well-being of its employees, with utmost importance.

As part of the wellness plan, Nova Benefits has partnered with Manah Health and Wellness to provide mental health counselling to employees in need, irrespective of their location. Additionally, all expenses incurred by employees for mental health purposes, including weekly counselling sessions, are reimbursed by the company. This is a significant benefit to employees as it gives them the independence to go to counsellors of their choice, without the worry of cost, given that consultations can be expensive.

Speaking about the mental wellness plan, Saransh Garg, CEO & co-founder of Nova Benefits said, “Our mission at Nova is to build happier and healthier workplaces. We’re doing so by making health benefits easy to use and personalised. Our employee wellness platform is centred around corporate health insurance. We ensure we take care of people when they’re hospitalized but also prevent them from falling sick in the first place. At Nova, our goal is to cover 10 million people in India by 2025.”

He further added, “This plan will let employees take control of their health, holistically, with our support at every step. The wellness of our employees results in a happy, healthy work environment at Nova, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Nova Benefits also offers its employees unlimited and no-questions-asked leave, under the Unlimited Leave Policy. Additionally, employees are required to take a break after every 45 days of continuous work. In addition to the wellness benefits, the company also provides pet care, child care, and period leaves, along with menstrual time off. Further, employees are given free access to Practo, for any of their physical healthcare needs.

Nova’s HR team conducts eNPS surveys once a quarter to understand the needs and expectations of employees. Speaking about Nova’s approach to employee well-being, Shiffana MK, Human Resources Manager at Nova Benefits, said, “Last quarter, we conducted peer circles for every single team in collaboration with Manah. Everyone now had a space where they could be vulnerable with their teammates and share their feelings about work-related struggles and challenges. Colleagues also built a sense of “not being alone” in this journey. The result – A team that’s more committed to working compassionately to accomplish common goals at work!”

She further added: “Manah’s peer circles pushed the HR team to do more, and Nova decided to revise its leave policy into a well-being policy.”

Mental health and wellness is an integral part of everybody’s existence. The Central Government, recognizing its importance, recently announced the ‘National Tele Mental Health’ programme, as a part of the Union Budget 2022 – promoting tele-mental health facilities boosts reach of mental wellness services even to the most remote areas. Companies too are now taking increased efforts in promoting and encouraging the wellbeing of their employees.









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