Why Young Generation Is More Prone To Cardiac Issues? Expert Explains

Genetic history of heart issues and Covid’s impact on heart health cannot be ruled out. While the former is passed onto generations, the latter has constantly been associated with causing cardiac morbidity and mortality.

Prioritizing your health is all it takes to prevent the risk of developing cardiac issues.

By- Dr Varun Gupta, Chief Medical Advisor, NutraBooti

We are in a day and age where fitness is not necessarily synonymous with youth. Today, even the ones pushing their 60s can be in the pink of health while the younger population can be increasingly susceptible to diseases.. Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) is considered to be the most frequent cause of instantaneous death in youth. The reasons for this can be wide-ranging.

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– Obesity

Obesity has proved to be a major factor leading to cardiovascular diseases especially amongst the youth. This condition can disrupt the heart’s rhythmic functioning leading to heart attacks or even sudden cardiac arrest which can lead to death.

– Inactive lifestyle

Striking the right work-life balance is hardly possible nowadays. Irregular food habits and sleep cycles along with the long hours of desk jobs and lack of exercise further add to the woes. Such a sedentary and erratic lifestyle is the second major reason that can cause cardiovascular diseases.

– Deteriorating air quality

Often a factor that we tend to ignore, poor air quality affects lungs and can further impact the cardiovascular system. Air pollutants travel to the lungs and heart and can put a person at increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. An active smoker is almost at double the risk as smoking causes lung cancer and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD). Passive smoking and inhalation of chemicals can worsen lung disease that can again further impact the heart.

– Genetics and impact of COVID

A genetic history of heart problems as well as the impact COVID can have on heart health cannot be disregarded. While the former can pass from parents to their offsprings, it has emerged that the latter is constantly being associated with cardiac morbidity and mortality. Nearly 15 to 18% of young COVID patients are at risk of developing heart problems, especially sudden cardiac deaths.

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Intake of a wholesome and nutritious diet is the first step towards preventing heart issues amongst the younger population.

Since diet is just one part of fulfilling the body’s nutritional requirements, nutraceuticals also need to be made an essential part of the dietary regime. Choose products that are organic and come with zero side effects and easy consumable formulations.

Exercising daily for at least 30 minutes can also add to quality of life. Avoid crowded places during the cold and flu season and wear a mask when stepping outdoors. Keep a check on your vital stats so your health status is constantly monitored.

Always bear in mind that health should be your priority, whether young or old, as that will be your best bet at preventing the risk of developing cardiac issues, especially if you are young!

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