Camex Wellness Launches Revolutionary Wearable “WELME” to Ease Period Pain

A revolutionary idea backed by TENS-therapy to conquer period cramps

Camex Wellness Launches Revolutionary Wearable
Camex Wellness Launches Revolutionary Wearable "WELME" to Ease Period Pain

Innovative TENS Technology Device Offers Relief to Menstruating Individuals

Camex Wellness, a leading name in the health and wellness sector since its inception in 2009, is making headlines yet again with the introduction of an innovative wearable device called “WELME.” This groundbreaking device, powered by Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) technology, aims to alleviate the discomfort of period cramps, scientifically referred to as Dysmenorrhea. Founder Preksha Chopra’s dedication to pain management has led to this remarkable step forward.

Empowering Period Pain Management with TENS Technology

WELME, designed and developed by Camex Wellness, is poised to transform the experience of menstruating individuals. The TENS technology embedded within this wearable device serves as an effective and non-invasive method to relieve period pain. The concept was driven by Preksha Chopra’s vision to create a practical solution that enhances the well-being of women during their menstrual cycles.

A Vision Realized: Preksha Chopra’s Innovation Journey

Preksha Chopra, the brain behind Welme, is a visionary entrepreneur who recognized the potential of TENS technology in pain management. Her expertise in this domain, coupled with her commitment to making a positive impact, paved the way for WELME. The device offers an innovative approach to alleviate period cramps, allowing individuals to maintain their active lifestyles without the hindrance of pain.

Preksha Chopra elaborates on her journey, saying, “The idea of WELME was born from a desire to provide practical relief to menstruating individuals. Our team’s dedication and research culminated in a compact device that harnesses the power of TENS technology. I’m thrilled to offer a solution that empowers women to embrace life fully, regardless of their menstrual cycle.”

WELME: A New Era in Women’s Wellness

WELME stands as a testament to Camex Wellness’s commitment to innovative and empathetic solutions. By introducing this wearable device, the company is not only addressing the physical discomfort of period cramps but also acknowledging the emotional and mental well-being of menstruating individuals. Through WELME, Camex Wellness brings cutting-edge technology and holistic wellness together, setting a new standard for period pain relief.

With WELME’s launch, Camex Wellness reinforces its dedication to enhancing the quality of life for all, providing a beacon of comfort and empowerment for women worldwide.

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