FirstCure Health Empowers HIV Patients with Accessible Surgical Care

Carrying out surgeries or treatments for HIV positive patients needs certain special facilities, equipment and training to be able to provide the right care while ensuring the safety of the treating team.

FirstCure Health Empowers HIV Patients with Accessible Surgical Care
FirstCure Health Empowers HIV Patients with Accessible Surgical Care

Addressing Surgical Needs of HIV Patients in South Asia

Noida, [Date] – First Cure Health, a healthcare services startup based in Noida, is revolutionizing surgical care for HIV patients. With South and South-East Asia being the epicenter of the HIV epidemic, India bears a significant burden in combating the disease. However, individuals living with HIV often face discrimination, stigma, and limited access to proper care, especially when it comes to surgical needs.

Bridging the Gap: Providing Specialized Surgical Care for HIV Patients

Surgical procedures and treatments for HIV-positive patients require specialized facilities, equipment, and trained medical professionals to ensure the utmost care and safety. The high cost of disposable materials and the stringent safety protocols pose significant challenges for smaller hospitals and nursing homes, leaving patients struggling to find timely and quality treatment.

Recognizing this critical issue, First Cure Health has developed a network of senior surgeons and hospitals in the Delhi NCR region that possess the necessary expertise, facilities, and equipment to provide high-quality treatment at affordable costs to HIV-affected patients.

A Game-Changing Solution for HIV Patients

Nikhil Bansal, Founder and CEO of First Cure Healthcare, shared insights into their approach, stating, “We understand the challenges faced by HIV-positive patients in finding hospitals and doctors who can cater to their surgical needs without exorbitant costs. At First Cure Health, we have established a network of trained staff and medical professionals who specialize in handling such cases. We prioritize minimally invasive methods to ensure enhanced safety.”

First Cure Health, founded in 2021 by Nikhil Bansal, offers a wide range of medical services under one umbrella, specializing in elective procedures in Proctology, Laparoscopy, ENT, Gynecology, Urology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, and Cosmetology.

Expanding Access: First Cure’s Growing Network

Starting with a few hospitals and doctors in Bhopal in December 2021, First Cure Health has rapidly expanded its network. As of April 2022, the startup collaborates with over 40 surgeons and 40+ hospitals and clinics, providing 50 different treatments across New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, and Bhopal.

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