After Tripura, cancer patients of THIS state to get monthly pension – Details Here

According to officials of the state, financial assistance will be provided to those cancer patients whose family's annual income is less than Rs 3 lakh.

cancer patients in India
The Haryana government said that financial assistance will be provided to patients till they are alive.

Haryana Government Introduces Monthly Pension for Cancer Patients, Sets Aside Rs 68.42 Crore Budget

Income-Based Eligibility and Verification Process

In a major development, the Haryana government has announced a monthly pension of Rs 2,500 for cancer patients in the state. This initiative aims to alleviate the financial burden faced by cancer patients and ensure they receive the necessary support. With a dedicated annual budget of Rs 68.42 crore, the government is committed to assisting those in need.

Cancer patients in stage three will benefit greatly from this financial assistance scheme. Previously, only Tripura provided a monthly financial aid of Rs 1,000 to stage three cancer patients. However, Haryana’s decision to increase the amount to Rs 2,500 showcases the state’s commitment to improving the lives of cancer patients.

Long-Term Support for Cancer Patients in Haryana

To be eligible for the scheme, the patient’s family must have an annual income of less than Rs 3 lakh. This income-based criterion ensures that the benefits reach those who truly need them. The verification process will involve matching the patient’s income details with the Parivar Pehchan Patra (PPP) database, ensuring transparency and fairness.

It is important to note that the financial assistance will be provided to patients throughout their lifetime. This long-term support ensures that cancer patients can focus on their treatment without worrying about the financial implications. The Haryana government aims to alleviate the burden on families and provide a sense of security.

Ensuring Transparent Distribution of Benefits

To avail of the benefits, interested individuals must upload verified documents through the Saral Kendra platform, which will be reviewed by the committee of the Civil Surgeon Office. This process ensures that the benefits reach the right beneficiaries promptly.

In conclusion, the Haryana government’s introduction of a monthly pension for cancer patients reflects its commitment to the welfare of its citizens. The financial assistance provided will alleviate the burden on cancer patients and their families, allowing them to focus on recovery. With a transparent verification process and long-term support, this initiative sets a commendable precedent in assisting cancer patients in the state.

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