Gujarat Government Introduces Digital Health Cards

Health reports in marksheets to prioritize holistic development and well-being.
Health reports in marksheets to prioritize holistic development and well-being.

Government Includes Digital Health Cards and Health Reports in Students’ Marksheets

Comprehensive Health Check-up Campaign Launched for School Children

The Government of Gujarat has taken a significant step towards prioritizing the health and well-being of school children by launching a comprehensive health check-up campaign as part of the Shala Arogya-National Child Health Program (SHRBSK). This initiative aims to provide free health check-ups and treatment for children across the state, focusing on issues such as anemia, malnutrition, developmental delays, and other ailments.

Digital Health Cards for Monitoring Nutrition and Cognitive Development

As part of the campaign, Gujarat is the first and only state in India to introduce digital health cards for monitoring the nutrition levels and cognitive development of school children. These digital health cards will contain vital information, including height, anemia levels, and nutrition status. SHRBSK mobile health teams and community health officers will collaborate with school nodal officers to update the health details of students on the digital health cards, ensuring accessibility for both students and parents.

Integration of Health Reports in Marksheets for Holistic Development

In a pioneering move, the Government of Gujarat has integrated health reports with academic reports by including the final health report in students’ marksheets. This integration of data between the Health and Education Departments aims to ensure the holistic growth and development of every student. Health check-ups will now be conducted every three months, providing accurate and up-to-date information on the students’ health throughout the year.

With this initiative, Gujarat becomes the only state in India to adopt the practice of including health reports in marksheets, prioritizing the comprehensive well-being of its students.

The government’s commitment to the health and overall development of its young population is evident through its efforts to create a conducive environment for academic success and overall well-being.

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