Over 50 Per Cent Of Patients Delay Cataract Surgeries In India: Survey

The survey was conducted with over 1000+ respondents across metros as well as the data analyzed by the Pristyn Care Data Lab on cataract surgeries performed till now.

73% have cited fears like losing eyesight, painful procedure or long recovery period when it comes to cataract surgeries.
73% have cited fears like losing eyesight, painful procedure or long recovery period when it comes to cataract surgeries.

The Great Indian Cataract Survey Reveals Misconceptions and Delay in Treatment

Cataract: The Leading Cause of Vision Loss in India
Majority of Indians Delay Cataract Surgeries

According to “The Great Indian Cataract Survey Report” released by Pristyn Care, more than 50% of Indians are postponing cataract surgeries due to misconceptions and lack of awareness. The survey, conducted with over 1000+ respondents across metros, sheds light on the reasons behind the delay.

Common Misconceptions About Cataract Surgery

The survey findings indicate that misconceptions surrounding cataract surgery contribute to the delay in treatment. Many Indians believe that cataract surgery results in permanent vision loss, painful procedures, or a prolonged recovery period. However, the report reveals that over 98% of patients who undergo cataract surgery achieve clear vision, and the procedure is relatively simple and safe.

Key Factors Influencing Cataract Surgery Decisions

Among the top criteria for undergoing cataract surgery, specialized and experienced surgeons are the primary choice for 52% of Indians. The availability of advanced technology is another crucial factor, with 41% of respondents considering it important. Location, such as a reputable eye hospital or clinic, influences the decision for 26% of individuals. Surprisingly, affordability and cost rank last at 24%, indicating that quality and expertise are prioritized over financial concerns.

Addressing Patient Concerns for Timely Treatment

Dr. Kripa Pulasaria, an Ophthalmologist at Pristyn Care, emphasizes the importance of addressing patient concerns and providing personalized education. By providing preoperative education, patients can better understand the benefits of advanced technology and alleviate fears related to pain, surgical complications, and vision loss. This approach aims to empower patients and encourage them to undergo cataract surgery without unnecessary anxiety.

Rising Cataract Cases in Younger Population

Contrary to popular belief, cataract cases are not limited to the elderly population. The analysis of data from Pristyn Care’s Data Lab indicates a growing number of cataract surgeries among individuals aged 56 and above. Factors such as prolonged exposure to UV rays, early-onset diabetes, smoking, alcohol consumption, and environmental factors like food adulteration and pollution contribute to the rise in cataract cases.

Pristyn Care’s Commitment to Eye Care

Pristyn Care, one of the largest providers of cataract surgeries in the country, conducted the survey across major metros, including NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, and Chennai. In an effort to promote eye care, the company is offering free eye check-ups and consultations. The aim is to improve access to information, treatment, and overall eye health.

Promoting Awareness and Timely Intervention

“The Great Indian Cataract Survey Report” highlights the need for increased awareness and timely intervention in treating cataracts. By dispelling misconceptions, providing comprehensive information, and leveraging advanced technology, patients can make informed decisions about their eye health. Pristyn Care’s commitment to promoting eye care through its survey, advanced treatments, and patient testimonials underscores the importance of early detection and appropriate treatment for cataract patients.

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