300 Diabetes Patients & Samaj Leaders gather at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road for one of its kind Diabetes Support Group:

India is often referred to as the Diabetes Capital of the World. As the number of diabetic patients continues to surge in the country, it is pressing to address the specific needs and prevent complications associated with diabetes. With an aim to fulfill the requirements of diabetics under one roof, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road has launched a “Diabetes Support Group – Diabetes” with an aim to provide a platform for individuals with diabetes to gain knowledge from our medical experts & support them on their journey towards better health. The hospital unveiled two groundbreaking surgery clinics during the event: Diabetes & Metabolic Surgery to achieve good long-term control over Type II diabetes by Dr. Ramen Goel & Dr. Rajiv Manek and Diabetic Foot Surgery by Dr Shraddha Deshpande. The event also included an engaging Q&A forum covering various aspects related to diabetes management including risk factors, disease complications, surgical procedures, and overall disease control.

Present on the occasion were Dr. Jinendra Jain, Dr. Aniket Mule, Dr. Anup Taksande, Dr. Chetan Bhambure, Dr. Ashish Mishra, Dr. Pavan Pai, Dr. Puneet Bhuwania, Dr. Ramen Goel, Dr. Rajiv Manek, Dr. Shraddha Deshpande, Dt. Riya Desai.

The diabetes situation in India is both concerning and alarming. It is a worrisome situation as, a significant number of young adults are affected, indicating a potential healthcare crisis in the future. Lifestyle changes, reduced physical activity, and high stress levels contribute to the increase in diabetes cases. Common symptoms include hunger, fatigue, excessive urination and thirst, dry mouth, itchy skin, and blurred vision. In view of this to spread awareness Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road has launched a Diabetes Support Group to meet the various needs of patients in improving their quality of life.

Dr. Ramen Goel, Consultant Diabetes & Metabolic Surgeon said, “Diabetes is a non-communicable disease that plagues a significant portion of the Indian population. It operates stealthily as a lethal force, wreaking havoc on every organ within the body. Heart attacks, Strokes, Renal complications, Foot Ailments, Nerve deterioration, Gum infections, Joint discomforts, Liver malfunctions, Cognitive decline, Digestive disorders, and Sexual dysfunctions are all intertwined with diabetes. Timely diagnosis and adherence to comprehensive discipline are crucial for effectively treating and managing this condition from a holistic standpoint.”

This comprehensive facility offers a multidisciplinary approach to diabetes treatment and management. Our team of specialists, including Diabetologists, Endocrinologists, Diabetic Foot Surgeons, Nephrologists, Neurologists, Cardiologists, Interventional Neurologists, and Dietitians, provides long-term care along with cutting-edge equipment and technology.

“We will be providing the option of keyhole gastrointestinal surgery for diabetics which is a life-changing procedure that can potentially help to achieve good long-term control over Type II Diabetes. This improves insulin resistance, blood sugar control, and overall health. Remember, patients who follow healthy diets, and exercise regularly are better positioned to prevent other complications that result from mismanagement of diabetes. Lifestyle changes such as daily exercise, diet, maintaining an optimum weight, and staying stress-free by doing relaxation techniques are helpful for the patients.” highlighted Dr Ramen Goel.

“The successful launch of this diabetes support group along with the Diabetic Foot Surgery Clinic & Diabetes & Metabolic Surgery Clinic demonstrates our unwavering dedication to delivering comprehensive care and imparting education to diabetic patients. The group empowers people to prioritize their well-being and seek timely assistance

“I extend my gratitude to Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road for introducing this remarkable initiative aimed at improving the lives of diabetics. This group is a blessing, as it will provide us with the necessary support and guidance to address any concerns regarding this metabolic condition,” concluded a participant present at the event.

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