COVID-19 Pandemic Sparks Boom in Online Fitness Training: Tips For Virtual Workout Classes

Fitness facility closures impacted millions of adults this year, forcing many to discover new methods to stay active at home.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone in one way or the other. Among them, one of the most affected industries is the fitness business. Fitness facility closures impacted millions of adults this year, forcing many to discover new methods to stay active at home.

It’s not surprising that online fitness training has become the new top fitness trend for 2021, and more than 10,000 health and fitness professionals recognized this opportunity.

In fact, the fastest-growing segment of the fitness industry is the online fitness training class. Due to the pandemic and continued lockdown, most fitness experts are taking virtual classes to stay in touch with their clients and to help them to maintain a work-life balance while sitting at home. It is very important to stay mentally and physically fit during this time of the epidemic, and exercise is the most vital way to be fit.

Hence, online training is a fantastic platform for everyone during this pandemic.

Whenever you are stuck at home and that too for a longer time, you are bound to lose your fitness levels attained before. Keep a healthy watch on your goals with a mindful routine and needed safety rules, said Dr. Kanchan Anand Head of Physiotherapy at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute.

She said, firstly, try to keep in mind: To

1)      Be cautious as there is no physical instructor available to correct you thoroughly.

2)      Do not hurry up – always start slow and keep the progress slow and steady, especially with weight training.

3)      Repeat the movements slowly and swiftly – do not tighten your muscles as they may go into injury

4)      Keep a lot of open space around while you exercise preferably a balcony or terrace

5)      Do proper warm-up and stretching before u jump for an active workout.

6)      Do not start exercise immediately waking up in the morning, give a gap of an hour, freshen up, take a stroll in house and then start.

7)      If you are a beginner, try to take sessions with a reputed virtual trainer who knows where to stop you.

8)      Give a gap of 2 hrs between meals and exercise

9)      If you are at home and indulging in long sitting hours, try to give 10 min in-between, in addition to the routine.

10)    Make small goals and try to plan more at moderate intensity.

11)    Do not experiment with major workout positions that you are not confident with.

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